BT Broadband Scam

BT Broadband phone scam alert

We have received many calls from our customers reporting calls claiming to be from BT with regards their  open reach service. This is a phone scam currently very popular with hackers.

The caller will ask for remote connection to your computer, this will give them access to install malicious software which will allow them to log your bank details, personal files and record password and login details you enter.

On one occasion we have had a report that the caller claiming to be from BT has offered a refund as the service has been poor and requested our client to log on to their bank account while still remotely connected to the computer.

If you have been a victim of a call like this, please contact your bank immediately.

Ensure your anti-virus software is fully up to date and run a virus and malware scan immediately on your computer to ensure there is no malicious software running.

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