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Our fantastic Laptop Repair services are among our most frequent enquiries.

Your laptop is an invaluable tool, enabling you to be at the forefront of your business wherever you are. Therefore, routine maintenance is essential to keep it running effectively. Our team members are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the repair process. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this service.

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Laptop repair services in your home

Full Service & Tune Up

Full malware and virus scan, removal of unnecessary & trial software, deletion of temporary files, registry clean up and disabling unnecessary software at start-up to improve boot time. we will ensure your laptop is fully up to date with all security and important updates. We can also advise of any improvements you can make to ensure the continual smooth running of your tech.
Laptop screen replacement services

Screen Replacement

So many ways to damage the laptop screen. Accident happens every day; like the laptop was dropped from a height, trying to force the laptop to fit into a small suit case and the kids hit it. A dying, or cracked display doesn’t mean your laptop is permanently finished. For most laptops, a screen replacement can be carried out in our workshop. We will collect your laptop at a convenient time to you and deliver back to you at a convenient time. This service will normally take a few days as we will need to order in a replacement screen from the manufacturer.
Laptop repair services battery replacement Surrey

Battery Replacement

Battery life span is not set in stone. If your laptop’s manufacturer made any claims about the battery’s overall lifespan, it wasn’t a solid, infallible figure. Your computer, battery, average use and computing habits all factor in when determining how long your battery will last. Tests have shown a noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months roughly 1,000 full charges
laptop repair services Surrey keyboard replacement.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

There are several reasons a laptop keyboard may stop working. Keyboards see a lot of use and the keys can wear out over time. The user may accidentally spill some liquid on the keyboard, which shorts out the wiring. The computer can freeze up, making it appear that the keyboard is no longer working, when it is really the computer that’s not working. If using a wireless keyboard, it may need new batteries. Finally, there may be a problem with the connection between the keyboard and the laptop.

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