CLOUD computing FOR HOME & BUSINESS USERS in Surrey.

Have you heard the phrase Cloud Computing, yet still don’t fully understand what it actually means? Well you are not alone, in its simplest form, it means storing and accessing your data, applications or software from powerful, secure, and high-storage-capacity server computers attached to the Internet with fast connections.

Some of the popular cloud computing examples are Xero, Office 365 and drop box, but there are many variations.

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How a small business can benefit from Cloud computing?

Cloud based services are frequently becoming more common in the workplace. They offer an unrivalled number of features and benefits whilst being extremely cost-effective. It’s predicted that by the year 2020, 78% of small businesses will have completely migrated to cloud solutions, that’s compared to 37% in 2014.

Automatically backup your servers and workstations without backup tapes. Access files and important data from any location at any time. An email server with mailboxes and shared calendars for your staff allow for seamless collaboration without having to invest in server hardware.

Cloud based services are simple to use and provide greater flexibility when it comes to running your business. The benefits also extend to cost. 82% of companies saved money the last time they adopted a cloud-based solution.

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Personal & Home user Cloud computing

Using the cloud for computing is no longer just assigned to business use. With the expansion of services such as one drive, drop box, google drive and iCloud for personal use it is becoming more and more popular every day. Being able to access your personal photos and data wherever you are on any device is part of everyday life.  Ensuring the software is installed and configured correctly and securely is an essential step to make sure your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


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