IT services for small business in Surrey


Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective IT services for small business in Surrey. 

We have helped many businesses when things go wrong!

We Specialise in helping and advising small business and start ups to get the correct IT services in place enabling you to run your business. We can work around your business IT Support needs, whether it be an ongoing relationship to become more proactive with your IT, or just a one off call out after an unexpected issue that is slowing you down, we are here to assist you.

Speak to us about your specific business IT support needs and we’ll be happy to help.

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Business IT Support Services

IT services for small business in Surrey

Help with cloud computing.

Cloud services are being utilised more and more in todays connected world.  Allowing business to easily share, collaborate and access their data between devices and colleagues.

Data Backup

Ensuring your data is securely backed up and easy to recover should the worse happen is a vital ongoing task. We can advise on the best solution to suit your needs and requirements.


With multiple new virus alerts and warnings appearing every day it is essential you are protected from these with a first-class anti-virus solution.

Website Design

Getting your new business online and found by potential new customers is an important part of having a business. With nearly 80% of people now looking online to find suppliers and services having an online presence and well performing website is vital for your business.

Out Sourced Support

 Is IT critical to your business? Need to know that help is only a phone call away?

Sign up to one of our monthly business IT support packages and we will ensure your small business IT runs smoothly. With an outsourced business support package, you are guaranteed a same day response to business-critical issues. It’s just like having your own IT department but without the costs! We’ll sort your day to day IT problems such as broadband issues, virus warnings, email issues and printer connection problems.

We understand the value of time in business, and we value yours. Whether your needs are proactive, or you have an unexpected issue, we are available to assist you. Our State of the art systems will monitor your devices for early signs of trouble. Often, we find faults and fix them even before you’re aware that anything is wrong. Our support contracts are individually tailored to our client’s specific requirements. By providing you  with a free initial site audit we are able to offer a service matched to your unique situation allowing for quick and responsive support as and when the need arises.

Supported customers receive:

  • Free business grade anti-virus for the life of the contract.
  • 100 GB cloud back up per device.
  • Remote Monitoring on all devices.
  • Unlimited access to the help desk during business hours.
  • Free telephone, email and remote access support.
  • Reduced call out rates for onsite visits.
  • Guaranteed four-hour response time.
  • We can deal with third party suppliers on your behalf i.e. ISP, Hardware Providers email providers or web hosting services.
  • Free consultation and advice on all hardware, software and other IT issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about Support contracts, we will be happy to come in to see you at your premises to analyse and discuss your requirements.  This will be followed up with a free, no-obligation quotation.


Don’t want to be signed in to a support contract?

Our technician will visit you in your workplace to resolve any issues you are currently experiencing with your small business IT. In addition we can also provide advice and solutions you can put into place to stop the issues reoccurring. We provide a number of IT services for small business in Surrey including: Fix computer problems (hardware or software).

  • Provide general IT support & advice.
  • Expand or upgrade your business WIFI / or cabled network.
  • Setup or migrate your emails.
  • Install and configure web protection software.
  • Data backups & recovery.
  • Protect against viruses & spam.
  • Fix printing problems.
  • Staff Computer training.
  • Website Design services.

& much more.

The most common mistakes small business make with their IT 

Insufficient Tech Support
Frequently businesses simply go without, relying upon an employee who knows about computers. While other businesses depend upon a staffer’s friend or relative to provide tech advice or help when critical systems fail or slow.  Some turn to their hardware maker’s telephone support line for help. Only to be disappointed when the solution to many problems proves to be performing a reinstallation, consequently resulting in the loss of some or all the business owner’s data. From time to time businesses rely upon a big box electronic store’s service arm and as a result never speak to the same technician twice. Still others sometimes locate a student or other individual who provides computer support on the side.  These support methods are not cost-efficient.
Virus Exposure
Viruses not only remain a major threat, but their dangers are increasing. At the present time the BBC reports that unprotected PCs become infected within eight seconds of being connected to the Internet. The problem’s only getting worse as the varieties and types of threats only increase. Malware programs are evolving at such a rate that many security software vendors have abolished daily updates in favour of distributing patches every four hours. Often, businesses and users simply fail to implement protection. One survey (conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance) revealed that 67% of the respondents did not possess current (up to date) antivirus software. Worse, some 15 percent had no antivirus application installed. We recommend ESET as an anti-virus solution to all our clients. More information can be found here
Spyware Exposure
Spyware is equally, and potentially even more daunting, a threat than a virus. While spyware differs from viruses in their nature. Spyware typically aims to track user behaviour, collect user information or sensitive data and display unwanted advertisements. Whereas viruses often destroy data, corrupt systems or enable hackers to remotely control a system. Spyware’s business impact has reached epidemic levels. More than a quarter of business users reported their productivity suffered as the result of a recent spyware infection, and more than a third reported being infected multiple times within the last six months.
Hardware / Software Issues
Shrewd organizations set PC service lives at four to five years. There’s a reason. When you look at costs specifically around a four- to six-year lifecycle. Retaining PCs for longer often results in repair and support costs that meet or exceed the price of new systems. Another common tech mistake businesses make is they fail to standardize hardware components and software, where possible. The result is a mish mash of components that complicate troubleshooting, repair and deployment and the need to support a variety of programs possessing different license terms and renewal dates. Conflicts often result. Above all older and obsolete hardware is less efficient, increases downtime, feeds staff and customer frustration.
Defective Power Protection
A single power outage or spike can damage expensive electronic components and as a result end in critical data loss. Consistent surges and brownouts, meanwhile, shorten the lifespan of computers, printers and other equipment. While many businesses deploy simple power strips. Others continue to depend upon surge suppressors deployed five and even 10 years earlier. When thunderstorms, electrical outages and other disasters strike, the damaged systems and corrupted or lost data—not to mention downtime-resulting from insufficient power protection prove costly.
Poor Backup Strategies
Despite numerous choices and methods many businesses fail to adequately back up data. Most noteworthy statistics reveal there is a 50% chance a business will cease operations immediately when critical data is lost. Above all a business’s odds of failure rocket to 90% within two years when critical data is lost. Data losses can cost as much as 19 days in productivity. Recovering data from damaged disks, meanwhile is incredibly expensive. Even organizations that believe their data is properly protected may find themselves at risk. Occasionally incorrect data (as in the wrong data) is backed up. In other cases, tape backups prove unreliable.  Fortunately, small businesses can follow simple steps to securely protect their data.
Security Failures
Small businesses also frequently over look security issues. Important to realize is that a business need not possess a high profile to become a target. Hackers have created numerous automated programs that scour the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Seeking poorly secured systems, servers, PCs and networks to infect and exploit. Unfortunately, businesses everywhere are falling victim to compromised systems, identity and data theft and more. Businesses that fail to properly secure client and customer data often find themselves in the middle of security crises that result in bad press, lost sales and above all loss of customer trust.
Spam E-Mail
Spam e-mails have become a serious issue, particularly for small businesses that often misjudge the problem and fail to take effective measures. Almost half of all e-mail is estimated to be spam. Therefore, small businesses are investing valuable time, money and resources, delivering and even storing these e-mail messages. In addition to lowering staff productivity spam takes a toll on a business’s servers and workstations, which often must dedicate disk space and backup media to untold gigabytes of unwanted mail.
Illegal Software
Having illegal software may be the easiest trap into which many businesses fall. The issue is certainly widespread making it a common tech mistake plaguing small businesses. Licensing issues quickly prove confusing. The differences between OEM, retail and open license software escapes the understanding of many business owners. Producers are becoming more aggressive in locking down licenses and prosecuting offenders. Many businesses don’t recognize they do not “own” software (instead programs and applications are commonly licensed). Above all some firms use “borrowed” applications or pirated programs. Problems arise either in the form of audits and penalties or challenging delays when returning failed systems to operation.
Lack of Training
Mention software training to any staff member and you’re likely to hear complaints. Boredom, bad classroom experiences or simple lack of interest especially contribute to employees’ resistance to learning new applications. But that doesn’t change the fact that insufficient training ranks as a common tech mistake impacting small businesses. It’s estimated that office staff understand less than 20% of the available features in the software applications they use. Therefore almost 80% of the, time-saving features and cost-reducing functions remain unused. Therefore, many processes including repetitive data entry, complicated calculations and automated data selection and reporting are completed manually. Which introduces a greater likelihood of errors entering the process. As a result, tasks that could be completed in moments often consume notably more time. Considering that many of those tasks are repeated each business day by multiple workers, and it’s easy to see how the costs quickly become significant
IT services for small business in Surrey

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